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Watch, Clock, and Jewelry Product List

Zenith Solutions, Inc – producers of High-Quality products for the betterment of the Horological Industry through chemistry.


Solvent Base

Radiant    Product #777

Radiant is in a class of its own because no other cleaner can Clean and Shine delicate watch and clock parts at the same time. After the cleaning process, metal parts Sparkle. Product 777 restores antique movements to their original luster. It is competitively priced so that everyone can take advantage of this superior product.  Gallon                                                                                          

Formula 67   Product # 206

Zenith’s chemists developed this unique ammoniated cleaner – without the ammonia fumes. It is considered safe and environmentally friendly. Formula 67 is rated low-odor and will not gel in the gallon container because the plastic container is fluorinated to give the solution a long and stable shelf life. The cleaner can be used in both ultrasonic and mechanical machines. We strongly suggest you try this product.

Because of Formula 67’s high solvency and micro-molecular action, it will dissolve old grease and oil. It will also break the bond between hardened debris on metal, watch, and clock parts. After several cleanings, the floating debris can be filtered through a strainer and the cleaner can be used again with no change in cleaning power. We strongly suggest you try this product. Put in Jar #1   Gallon                                                                                              

Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid     Product #202

This solvent based ammoniated cleaner is highly recommended by watchmakers and clockmakers because of its superior cleaning action.

Put in Jar #1   Gallon 

Clock and Instrument Cleaning Fluid           Product #220

Clockmakers demand high performance to clean clock movements. That is why they select Product 220. This ammoniated solvent-based cleaner has been our best seller for years.    Put in Jar #1.


Water Base

Jewelry Concentrate Cleaner       Product #249

This economically priced jewelry cleaner has been judged to be one of the best in the marketplace for cleaning fine jewelry. It contains ammonia which gives the jewelry that extra shine and luster. Can be used in ultrasonic, mechanical, and simple manual cleaning. One gallon makes 8 gallons.   Gallon                                                                                         


Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate         Product #249NA


Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate NA is non-ammoniated with excellent cleaning power. Ideal for cleaning jewelry with semi-precious stones. Rated environmentally friendly and safe to use because it does not emit any harmful fumes. Can be used in ultrasonic, mechanical, and simple manual cleaning. One gallon makes 8 gallons. Rinse with water and dry.   Gallon    

Z-88 Concentrate      Product #253

Zenith’s chemists developed this Superior, very effective, all-purpose concentrated non-ammoniated cleaner for the Horological and Jewelry industry.  Z-88 is a must for the professional polisher because it removes residue and lapping compounds from metal parts with ease. Ideal to clean metal watch bands. Everyone in the jewelry and watch repair business should have this product. One gallon makes 16 gallons of cleaning solution, this may vary depending upon the application which will determine the required strength.   Gallon                                                                                       


Water Base

Watch and Clock Concentrate       Product #251

This economical concentrated water based ammoniated cleaner is formulated for ultrasonic machines, mechanical, and manual cleaning. Ideal for antique pocket watches and clocks that have protective coatings on its parts. Rinse with water and immediately dry in the heating chamber or blow dry. One gallon makes 8 gallons of cleaning solution.   Put in Jar #1.   Gallon                                                                                           

Watch and Clock Concentrate   Product # 251NA


If you want a water based, environmentally friendly, non-ammoniated “gentle” cleaner that will clean antique watches and clocks that have protective coatings on them – this is your cleaner. Zenith’s chemists made this product equal in cleaning power to ammoniated water-based products.

Now there is no need to subject yourself or others to harmful ammonia fumes during the cleaning process. Ask for Product 251 NA, you will be glad you did. One gallon makes 8 gallons. Rinse with water and immediately dry in the heating chamber or blow dry.   Put in Jar #1.   Gallon                                                                                   


Solvent Base

Ultrasonic Rinsing Fluid    Product #224

Product 224 has more solvency and penetrating power than ordinary rinses. As an added plus it is rated odorless. It is compatible with all Zenith’s solvent-based cleaners. Leaves parts sparkling clean.   Put in Jars #2 and #3.   Gallon                                                                                          

Instrument Rinsing Solution      Product #235

This product is formulated specifically for clocks and aviation instruments rinsing cycle. It is safe and environmentally friendly. As an added feature, it is odorless. Put in #2 and #3 jars.   Gallon                                                                                        

No. 3 Rinsing Solution      Product #231

This crystal clear, odorless petroleum-based rinse is ideal for watches and clocks because it restores parts to their original shine and luster.  Put in Jars #2 and #3.   Gallon                                                                                  

Drizebrite     Product #101

Zenith’s chemists developed a new rinsing solution called Drizebrite also known as “The Ultimate Final Rinse.” Drizebrite is designed to leave watch and clock parts spotless without any oily film when dried at room temperature or in a heating chamber. Drizebrite restores delicate movements to their original luster after being cleaned with Zenith’s Formula 67 or any solvent based cleaner. As an added feature – Drizebrite is odorless. Drizebrite can be used in old or modern cleaning machines including ultrasonic machines and Vibrograf cleaning machines. Drizebrite is considered to be “The Ultimate Final Rinse” because it meets with all watch and clockmakers requirements and is environmentally friendly and safe.   Put in Jars #2 and #3   Gallon